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Repair/Renovations and Maintenance

Returning your pool to its best

A pool is a complex system. The basin, the pipes, the filter, the drains, the heater, the skimmer, the lights - all of these parts have to be in good working order to for you to have an enjoyable pool experience.

Regrettably, as time marches on things breakdown and your pool equipment is no exception. Sometimes it is something obvious like a heater that stopped working or the motor no longer running; other times it is something much harder to diagnose.

Carolina Aqua Clear is an old hand at fixing whatever issues you face with your Grand Strand pool. If you find that your pool isnít running as it should then give us a call.

Keeping your pool at its best

Love your pool but donít really have the time to maintain it? Carolina Aqua Clear offers pool maintenance packages to fit your schedule. We can perform weekly pool maintenance to ensure that it is always ready for you.

The commercial businesses of Grand Strand have relied on Carolina Aqua Clear for more than 25 years maintain their pools in pristine condition. No matter how much traffic your pool receives we know how to quickly and efficiently maintain it. Our pool technicians can be there each day to ensure your pools prosperity or less frequently; whatever your commercial pool requires.

Because we all deserve a little extra

Have you been thinking that your pool needs an upgrade? Carolina Aqua Clear can help you make your pool even more impressive. Adding a waterfall is a great way to give dimension to your pool or integrate a hot tub so that you have a greater range of choice when you wish to relax. Perhaps you would like to make your pool more environmentally friendly? Carolina Aqua Clear has made hundreds of pools more energy efficient. Salt water systems, more efficient filters and pumps and eco-friendly lighting are just a few of the advantages we offer. And donít forget resurfacing! Sometimes all your pool needs is a ďface liftĒ in quartz, gem or aggregate.

Carolina Aqua Clear can perform any form of pool renovation you can think of. With more than 25 years in the pool construction, renovation and maintenance industry we have made many connections in the industry and pass the savings we receive from our suppliers onto our valued Grand Stand clientele.

We also offer:


Carolina Aqua Clear is known in Grand Strand for the commercial and residential custom concrete and steel pools we create, but that is only a fraction of the services we offer.

  • Fiberglass pools
  • Pool resurfacing from basic plaster to higher end finishes (Quartz, Gem, and exposed aggregate)
  • Servicing of all major brands of pool equipment
  • Jandy Pool Products (We are a licensed Pro Edge dealer)
  • Excellent pricing on pool chemicals
  • Regular pool maintenance on a daily or weekly schedule
  • Environmentally friendly pool solutions